Wednesday, Wednesday

So! Did I throw you off with my “Another Rainy Tuesday” image on my Wednesday, Wednesday post. Which if you want to dig deep into the mystery of it, it’s because I started this post yesterday . . . but got too busy with working on the website design complications . . . that it’s now Wednesday. But why waste a good picture?

Today is actually. “Waterlogged Wednesday” because it rains and rains and then rains some more. 

This is my favorite coffee cup. You will probably be seeing it a lot in my updates cause it’s like my definite go to cup for anything caffein related or hot.

Well – wrote that this morning – and now it’s evening – and if this is going to be a daily or nightly – I had better hit publish and send before it’s Thursday. Oh my.



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  1. I love the coffee mug, beautiful. We need a great mug on a rainy day. Yesterday I had a great mug of hot tea and 3 gingerbread cookies. One happy lady.

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