It’s been a while . . .

Been a couple of months since I have given an update. So here I am – checking in to let you know all is well. I have been busily working on my other site, Explore Vancouver USA, finished the family cookbook and sailing through Christmas to the New Year.

The cookbook came out amazing. I am very impressed with myself. Ended up with over 385 recipes and Jon and I got them mailed in plenty of time for Christmas morning for his adult kids. They all loved it. Unfortunately the print version came out to be about $29 a book – which was fine as a Christmas gift but not one I expect to share here as I would have to include shipping and then we are talking probably $35 for a cookbook. Besides that it includes 19 pages of family collage pictures which would not make sense to anyone else. πŸ™‚

I am working on reprinting a cookbook. And this one I will offer as a free download and a print version through Amazon. I found an amazing, amazing cookbook that was printed in 1908 by a Woman’s Guild. The recipes are so fun! They didn’t have electric stoves so that in itself make the directions fun. Put the kettle over the fire . . .

Most of the recipes are typed but there are about ten of them that are handwritten. The book also includes advertisements such as a place that offers quality buggies and harrows. I’m enjoying working with this a lot. Maybe no one will want it when I’m done but it’s keeping me sane during these long, isolation days!

So far I have shared three of the recipes on the new site. Bonne Soup (a root vegetable soup), Basic Stock and a Tomato Bouillon.

Hope everyone is doing well, keeping healthy and sane (a bit hard these days!)

I am trying to blog daily on the new site – so if anyone is interested in subscribing to that would love to have you join. But since the blog is about all things Vancouver USA I’m sure it won’t be that attractive to most. πŸ™‚

I will try to blog here at least once or twice a month to keep things going as long as there is interest.

Gratitude Moments

If you would like, please add “your” three gratitude moments in the comments. It’s a great way to pick up your day and it’s fun for the rest of us to read!

  1. Made it to a New Year!
  2. Happily working on new website, reading good books and staying warm and cozy on a rainy day.
  3. Thankful we are still Covid free here though some family members got it with one being hospitalized over six weeks. Bad stuff.

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3 Responses

  1. Hi Patty

    Nice to get your email. I like uplifting. Also received your book 101 Inspirational Stories of the Power of Prayer as a gift. Looking forward to reading it.

    1 Fresh air and fluffy white snow.

    2 A drive through the countryside.

    3 Friendly greetings from my neighbors as I walk my dogs.

    1. Hi Juanita,
      Sounds like you are living in a place with the white stuff. πŸ™‚ I lived most of my life in upstate Washington on the east side where we got lots of snow. Now I live at the very bottom of the state and almost no snow. I love it. Had enough snow, cold, ice, scary winter driving, etc. πŸ™‚ But hey – I’m glad you like the fluffy, white snow.

      Do hope you like the book. I think some of the stories are pretty amazing. What kind of dogs do you have? We have two. A big dog, a littler dog and a cat. All of them are rescue dogs with various lineages.

      1. Hi Patty

        We have two black cockapoos. They are brothers from the same litter. Its cool the way they play around together. One is nearly forty pounds and the other is only twenty seven. He was the runt of the litter.


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